Louisa County votes to become a Second Amendment Sanctuary

LOUISA, Va. (CBS19 NEWS) — Louisa County Board of Supervisors voted to become a Second Amendment Sanctuary at Monday night’s meeting to fight against any future gun legislation the General Assembly may pass in this coming session. Over 500 people came to the meeting, the vast majority in support of becoming a sanctuary.

50 people signed up to speak during public comment.

“They’re making criminals out of honest people,” said one resident. “And the jails aren’t large enough to lock us all up.”

“It’s all about world government and their desire to have control over the American people,” said another Louisa resident.

Only a couple of people said they were against the board voting to become a sanctuary

“If you’re really responsible I ask you, support good gun legislation,” said one man opposing the movement, “because it protects your guns, it protects your family and it protects your life and liberty. And that’s also a right.”

John McGuire, Republican Delegate of the 56th District which includes Louisa county and who is also running for Congress, reassured the crowd he will fight for them to keep their Second Amendment rights.

“Evil does exist and freedom isn’t free,” said McGuire. “And if we lose our 2nd Amendment rights then we lose all of our freedoms.”

In the end, six out of the seven supervisors voted yes to becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary. Supervisor Fitzgerald Barns abstained. Supervisor Duane Adams said he vowed to uphold residents’ rights.

“It’s true that this resolution is mainly symbolic,” said Adams. “But it’s important that we send a message to Richmond that says we can see what you’re planning on doing.”

All of the supervisors reminded everyone that they must take their passion to Richmond to keep advocating against new gun legislation.

Supervisor Barns brought up the issue of Dillon’s Rule in Virginia and suggested people fight against it for localities to have more power in issues such as gun laws.

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